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About KYK

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  • Oxidation weakens immune system
    Oxidative stress weakens your immune system and makes your body vulnerable to diseases.The truth is that there’s almost no common disease that is not associated with oxidative stress.
    Dr Dan Rutherford, MD. Medical Director, Croftwell

  • The root cause
    The countless names attached to illnesses do not really matter. What does matter is that they all come from the same root cause… too much tissue acid waste in the body!
    Theodore A. Baroody, PhD. Alkalize or Die

  • Neutralize the over-acidity
    An acidic body introduces unusually high levels of waste into the kidneys for filtration…when the waste accumulates it can form kidney stones.
    Michelle Schoffro Cook, DNM, Dac, CNC The Ultimate pH Solution

  • Restoring pH balance
    The European Journal of Nutrition links aging and agerelated disorders to acid-alkaline imbalances.
    Lynda A. Frassetto, MD Diet, Solution

About KYK

KYK Corporation is a leading water specialist company in Korea. KYK is founded since 1980, and has more than 30 years of experience in water science research. KYK Alkaline Water is the number one market leader in Korea, as well as the fastest growing alkaline water ionizer brand in the United States and Asia.

KYK Alkaline Water Ionizers have been recognized as the Best and Most Outstanding Products of Korea at various National Conventions of Science and Technology, its safety and efficacy certified by Food and Drug Administration; it’s technology backed by more than 130 patents. The KYK alkaline ionizer system is built on a foundation of research, awards and recognitions; and it is now available to you.

KYK’s R&D efforts have aimed at providing accurate information and knowledge on water and how it affects the human body as well as the natural environment. At the same time, efforts are made to reveal the theoretical background and practical cases of water effects on the
human body.

KYK Alkaline Water Ionizer offers many advantages in filtration and 


ionization since it adjusts its electrical current to match the mineral content of your tap water. KYK system can create quality alkaline ionized water that's superior, consistent, hexagonally shaped, and full of antioxidants and oxygen to effectively alkalize, hydrate, energize, antioxidize and detoxify your body.

Dr. Kim Young-Kwi is an accomplished researcher for more than thirty years. He has written "The Secret of Life-Giving Water," a book endorsed by the mayor of Seoul, Korea. He has also written over 60 peer reviewed articles, has appeared on CBS and MBC television programs, and is a sought after keynote speaker for colleges and universities. During his career, Dr. Kim Young Kwi has won the Jang Yeong-Shil Science and Culture award, the National Science and Technology award, and the Ministry of Science and Technology award for his research on water and its effects on the human body, especially on diseases.

Thirty years ago Dr. Kim started KYK Corporation with the dream of creating a device that can produce perfect water for human consumption. The KYK alkaline ionizer system is built on a foundation of research, awards and recognitions; and it is now available to you through H2O LIFE SOURCE who has showrooms and operations in Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar and Australia.