Good Health Begins with Water

About Us

H2O Life Source is the leading water specialist company in South East Asia. The company designs and distributes high technology filtration systems for homes, offices, F&Bs, research and clinical laboratories, and large scale fabrications plants.

In the last twelve months, the collaboration with the Philippines has been significant in redefining a new standard of drinking water for the water refilling industry. This new technological advancement will revolutionise existing water refilling stations in the Philippines, Indonesia and the region.  It is the vision of the company to plant at least one Thousand of such stations across the Philippines in the next three years.  This is estimated to bring at least another 500 million peso for the Philippines operation, 2.5 billion peso of annual revenue for the operators and create employment of at least 2,000 jobs over the next few years.


H2O LIFE SOURCE’s mission is to deliver innovative and value-added specialty water and water-related products and solutions to our customers. Our customers value our ability to contribute to their health and the health of their business.


H2O LIFE SOURCE vision is to be a global leader and partner in the water industry by enabling high value-added green technology and solutions in an efficient and environmentally friendly way. We also want to be an active community partner for the less fortunate by providing sustainable clean water technology and by creating meaningful volunteer activities. We are committed to growth, profitability and caring for the communities we work and live in. 


These are the attitudes we pursue corporately: