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ANTI-AFM filter

$129.00 $107.10


ANTI-AFM filter

$129.00 $107.10

Anti-Trihalomethanes with NANO Silver Activated Carbon

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  • Silver has natural antibacterial and anti-fungal capability. It effectively eliminates and control the growth of bacteria in the carbon by 99.9%
  • Made from natural coconut, this carbon filter is effective to eliminate chloroform, VOCs, pesticides, herbicides, harmful chemical and trihalomethanes (THMs), known carcinogens.

Removes of Arsenic, Fluoride and Heavy Metals from drinking water including copper, zinc, lead and phosphates. There is also the potential for chromium, silica, selenium and mercury
• NSF 61 Certified Product
• Food grade BASF DD-6 granular activated alumina


Maximum Flow: 3 LPM
Maximum Pressure: 125 PSI
Maximum Temperature: 38 oC
Services Life : 3,000 ~ 4,000 liters


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