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KYK Hisha Alkaline Water Ionizer

$1,299.00 $987.24

KYK Hisha Alkaline Water Ionizer
KYK Hisha Alkaline Water Ionizer1

KYK Hisha Alkaline Water Ionizer

$1,299.00 $987.24

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Standard Installation on Faucet only.

Affordable Luxury
Brand: KYK
Manufacturer: KYK Corp

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KYK Water Ionizer most recently awarded the Most Trusted Brand of Korea is also the most awarded brand internationally – Korea, Europe and the US.

Named after the renowned scientist Dr Kim Young Kwi, who owns more than 130 patents, with 36 years of study on the science of water for human health, the KYK series offers both innovation and design, a mark of style, simplicity and luxury for our homes today.

Validated by MFDS effectiveness in treatment of :

  • Gastrointestinal infections
  • Abnormal fermentation
  • Indigestion
  • Chronic diarrhea
  • Excessive stomach acid


  • Patented slotted design with 5 platinum-coated titanium plates
  • Tankless design to prevent bacteria growth
  • Create 7 kinds of water for various use (4 levels of alkaline, 2 levels of acidic and 1 purified water)
  • Sleek and light weight to fit into any space – Travel-friendly, portable ionizer
  • Minimum maintenance


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