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Technical Support

Technical Support

Instructions on how to install a KYK ionizer

Installation Instructions (tap/faucet connection)


Installation Instruction (undersink connection)


Installation Diagram - Plan View


change filter 1

change filter 2


Troubleshooting on Diagnostic Codes

EO The water flow is either too low (less than 1 litre per minute) or too high (more than 3.5 litres per minute).

When the water pressure is too low, the system will continue to produce ionized water but a much slower flow rate. You will also hear a continuous chime to remind you to check the water flow / pressure from the main source of water supply. Please note that the quality of the ionized water is not compromised and it is safe to drink.

Do not panic and this is what you can do :
- check if the undersink/faucet diverter has been shut;
- if it is, please turn it on SLOWLY by turning the diverter anti-clockwise until the desired level of water flow is achieved;
- if problem persists, please call your town council / management office to check if there is a temporary slow down due to some maintenance work

When the water pressure is too high, the system will temporarily shut down to protect itself from undue damages.

Do not panic. This is what you can do :
- turn off both electrical and water supply to the ionizer. To turn off the water supply, simply turn the undersink/tap diverter clockwise;
- allow the ionizer to be shut for at least 15 minutes while you investigate the cause of the sudden surge in water pressure entering the system (meanwhile, you may call your town council / management office to check if there is a temporary surge in water supply due to some maintenance work);
- after 15 minutes, turn on the power supply and the system will go into a cleaning cycle. Since the undersink diverter is shut, the EO diagnostic code will flash on the display and a continuous chime will be activated
- you can now turn on the water supply by SLOWLY adjusting the undersink/tap diverter in an anti clockwise manner until the desired water flow is achieved.

E1, E2, E3, E4 There is a connection problem to the filter sensor(s).

Please call your local service centre for support and be sure that you are standing right next to the ionizer so that we can assist you in trouble-shooting.